African dancing and cultural rituals at Tembe Elephant National Park and Safari Lodge

dressed in traditional Zulu/Tonga regalia, drums, shields, spears, furs and skins African children in the National Park dance for the enjoyment of safari guests

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Tonga (Zulu) dancers at the game reserveThe Tembe Elephant Lodge is very supportive of the surrounding African communities. Regularly - and on request Zulu/Tonga dancers come to the lodge and perform a variety of tribal songs and dances which are, for the most part, re-enactments of various African folklore stories.  

African sangoma or witch doctor

The dancers are predominantly young children, dressed in traditional Zulu/Tonga regalia. Shields, spears, furs and skins are all the order of the day!

The children perform their tribal dance routine voluntarily, for your enjoyment... but any tips are more than appreciated! Guests are encouraged to join in the festivities of dancing - and place tips on the ground, amidst much excitement.

All monies collected are then put into a fund which is used to buy school uniforms for local children who cannot afford their own. 

Local cultural happenings in the area also include having your fortune told by an African witch doctor - or Sangoma. The Sangoma performs the ritual "throwing of the bones" and, depending on how the bones land, they predict what the future holds...

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Tonga ( Zulu) girl in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, Tembe Elephant Park


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